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Unlimited reach to your customers

Unlimited reach
to your customers

Other companies provide email software – full stop. We provide the whole solution.

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Smart marketing isn’t sending a bulk, one size fits all email out and waiting for results. gives you the power to send an email or a newsletter to multiple groups of people – all containing only the content that they want to read.

And although you may think we’d be shouting from the rooftops that we give you unlimited email sends - we’ve got a better trick up our sleeve. The real jewel in our crown is that we let you automatically follow up every open, click or with even more targeted collateral. From a letter to a postcard sent to their door, a survey or an SMS – if you want unlimited reach, don’t stop at email. Go further.


We give your marketing a starting point

The Customer Journey
Arthur Jones
  • Send direct mail to local prospects
  • Prospect signs up for emails
  • Send an automated email welcome message
  • Send bespoke emails based on their preferences
  • After a sale, thank them with an automated email
  • Send a 1 month survey follow up – automatically
  • Upsell using SMS – automatically
  • Send an upselling or reminder letter
  • Send them a card on their birthday or anniversary
  • Keep a customer for life

We give your marketing
a starting point

Don’t know what marketing to do?
We’ve got the secret.

We all want a viral campaign or an email that gets shared. Your competitors may already be running engaging marketing campaigns – but how can you compete without a full time branding and marketing team or a hefty annual budget? has the solution. We allow you to quickly create cost effective marketing campaigns across both print and digital –a one stop shop for unlimited emails, surveys, newsletters, free content for social media, direct mail cards, branded letters, videos, SMS and more.

If you want to fast track your marketing, lets you hit the ground running.


Do you know your customers?

Do you know
your customers?

Create a lifetime customer with smart marketing.

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How are you talking to your customers right now? Just when you need them? What about your archived database – when did you last drop them a message? We believe a long term, two way conversation is what makes you better than your competition. lets you nurture all your different types of customers and prospects with the perfect customer journey that can be planned and executed with ease. Weave in and out of your customer’s life, upselling, cross selling and maintaining their interest in you. The best part is, because it’s automated marketing- the pressure is off, but the sales are on.

Step 1

We integrate with multiple partners and data sets to pull through your existing customer and prospect information

Step 2

Use to manually or automatically market using Emails, Surveys, Letters, Direct Mail and SMS

Step 3

See what's working. Do more of the good stuff, and less of the stuff that doesn't put money on the bottom line.


We give your marketing a starting point


Find more prospects

We love data. We know you will too, when you know what we can do.

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What can data do? With – more than you think. Build a blueprint of your customers using and your CRM integration. Just who is your ideal customer? Once you know – it’s goodbye bulk mailing, and hello precision marketing to hot prospects.

Use’s database of 20 million+ UK households to digitally filter through streets, postcodes and areas to find more of the same. Slice and dice by gender, tax band or lifestyle – and then when you’ve found the perfect list - send them personalised marketing collateral to their door in a few clicks. The data is yours to keep and because it’s all part of, when they make that sale, you already know all you need to keep your relationship going. Meet data – the secret to hot prospects. helps:
brand development

New Business

Encourage New Business by using our smart 'Draw A Search' Direct Mail function. We give you the data of over 30 million opted in UK households, and you can market to them by name. Send an offer, and invite or just brand building awareness messages and watch your leads roll in. With an average ROI of 1 - 5% , this could be your best marketing investment yet.. Meanwhile our team can help you get your social media and blog started, drawing in even more leads from organic searches. With an easy 'subscribe' link added to your website when you join, and your own microsite for all your content, you will soon be attracting new business.
brand development

Brand Development

Our service is based on Multi-Channel marketing, the very best way to have a full marketing presence across a variety of mediums. Newsletters and emails are there to raise the profile of your brand and show you as a source of engaging, trustworthy content, whatever stage of the buying cycle your prospects are at. Meanwhile Direct Mail can help target new prospects. Add in surveys, SMS, printed collateral - and you're marketing is ready to fly. Plus, with our Marketing Managed service, we can work on brand development for you, managing your social media, design, blogging and email marketing - all you need to do is sign up as a customer.
brand development

Nurturing Existing Customers

Stay in touch with your existing customers all year round by using smart automated marketing. Our newsletters and automated emails help you deliver content at the right time for your existing customers so you can nurture those relationships and stay top of mind for future purchases, referrals and recommendations. Use to quickly segregate customers based on their preferences or activity with you and then slowly upsell or cross-sell via email, letters, canvassing cards or SMS. With a CRM integration to your live data, we ensure your approach is always targeted and relevant.
We've increased sales by 110%. Case Study

We also have an above-average email open rate for the property industry increase site traffic and one customer who had read our blog was so impressed with our knowledge of the local area that they asked M&P Estates to sell not only the property being valued – but also 3 other properties that they owned!

M & P Estates

We get enquiries each week Case Study #2

We’ve seen a 25% response rate on newsletters; 60% open rate on Hot Property emails – and we get an average of 3 enquiries per week by telephone and 3 via the attached invitations we use. By integrating Reapit with BriefYourMarket, we are now able to send out highly targeted invitations.


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