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Did you know… BriefYourMarket are sponsors of the Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2013 in association with The Sunday Times.

Did you know… BriefYourMarket is integrated with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Did you know… BriefYourMarket can integrate with Google Maps to allow you to literally draw where you want your canvassing cards delivered!

Did you know… BriefYourMarket offers a dedicated Account Manager to every customer to help you maximise all of our features.

Did you know… BriefYourMarket can be used to communicate internally to create staff newsletters with secure functionality.

Did you know… BriefYourMarket includes unlimited training for all customers with no extra charge.

Did you know… BriefYourMarket work in all industry sectors, so whether you are B2C or B2B we can help you!

Did you know… BriefYourMarket are UK based but have customers all over the world who we service with our web based technology

Did you know… BriefYourMarket can help you set up a multichannel marketing plan which is 24% more successful than email or post alone.

Did you know… have just partnered with Rightmove, who will be providing articles for our Content Engine for Estate Agents.

Did you know…'s Direct Mail service has access to over 43 million 'new data' household addresses.

Did you know… are a sponsor at the upcoming prestigious AA 2013 Hospitality Awards.

Did you know… are joint sponsors for the Estate Agency Foundation's Great Property Cycle.

Did you know… can print, fulfil and post a letter for only 39p + VAT. To find out more check out our Postal Service.

Did you know… have just partnered with Guestline which is an integrated hotel management and distribution system.

Did you know… have just partnered with Agilysys who are a provider of IT solutions to the hospitality sector.

With our 'smart filter' you’ll see a 7 times increase in your Newsletter open rates when compared to bulk mailers.

Intelligent Newsletters and Emails

Your own stationery printed, fulfilled, addressed and posted for 45p+VAT. That's less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp.

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SMS Messaging Service

See a 97% open rate with your SMS Messaging, of which 75% of these are read within 4 minutes of receiving them.

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Direct Mail Service

Get a 5 times greater response rate with our highly targeted direct mail by utilising our database of over 43 million households.

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Online Survey Service

Gather important feedback with our online survey service and experience an average response rate from over 30%.

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Automated Messaging

On average, 40% of all email-generated revenue comes from automated messages. Leaving you to time to focus on other projects.

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